Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Third Edition Is A Go!

OK. It was complete March Madness for the blog and my writing.

The good news is that the Third Edition of Mastering Technical Sales is now starting production. We're still mapping out the full details, but it looks like we'll be adding five or six new chapters, ripping out a couple, and giving a complete revamp of most of the middle section around presentatiosn and demos. Exciting stuff! If there are particular topics you'd like to see covered please let us know.

Combined with a totally ridiculous travel schedule (which included Singapore and Thailand) the newsletter got behind schedule. It's now going to come out on Tuesday 9th April instead of April 2nd.

Final note: Interesting note from Simon Reynolds in Forbes Online titled "Is Complexity Ruining Your Business?" It looks at the issue from a corporate point of view, yet the four points he makes in a very brief article can apply to you both on a personal and a professional branding level. Worth a 60 second read.


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