Saturday, December 4, 2010

Newsletter & December Content

So much for my 2010 New Year resolution of becoming a better blogger. Oh well - there is always 2011. The Mastering Technical Sales Edge Newsletter for December will be distributed on Tuesday December 7th. To get an early view of the content you can visit the MTS website where it is already posted.

The lead article for this month is "So You Really Want To Be A Sales Rep?" which looks at the pluses and minuses of moving across from Pre-Sales to Sales; also known as Going To The Dark Side. There are many things to consider before making the move, or even planning for the move - not least of which is truly assessing your motivation.

I also have a section about "The Overview Presentation - Why It May Be Killing Your Sales". I personally hate overview presentations as they are usually boring, too shallow and in a single customer situations it usually implies that soemone failed to perform adequate discovery.

With the holiday season approaching - Ask John provides my answer to "what are the top 3 books that a presales manager should give their teams for Christmas/Hannukah etc.."

Enjoy the read - and I'm looking for feedback and ideas for 2011 about articles, services and new offering I can provide to you all.