Thursday, November 1, 2012

November Content : Webcast Demo Crimes and More ..

Hurricane Sandy has come and gone in my part of the world (Just North of Philadelphia) and the cleanup has started. Fortunately we survived with minimal damage to the house, just a few loose roof tiles and window shutters. There are trees down on roads, cars and even houses, and much of the region is still without power even after 4 days - so we're thankful that we have power and a warm house with a solid roof over our heads.

The November Issue of The Mastering Technical Sales Edge will be released on Tuesday 6th. Here is a preview of the content:

Back in the mid-90's I created a Demo Crime list and presented it to my fellow technical managers at Sybase. Many people have picked up on the idea since then, so I thought it was time to create a Webcast/Virtual Demo Crime Files list. Review the list and see how many of these heinous crimes you see committed every day ( I also provide some ideas for good, clean virtual demos as well).

Many companies hold their annual Sales Kickoff (SKO) meeting in January or February. The Corporate Sales Meetings article provides some thoughts and ideas for making it more productive from a Sales Engineering point of view. You can also hire me to conduct a presales keynote or some Professional Skills training workshops too!

Ask John deals with the perennial question of "how can I stop my salesperson treating me like just another sales tool?" . It's surprisng how often I get asked that question.

Book Of The Month is Sexy Little Numbers by Dimitri Maex. It's an interesting look at how companies can analyze their customer data and get more value from it. If you are engaged in Big Data, BI, Analytics, In-Memory Databases or regular CRM it's a good background read.

Stay tuned for two exciting pieces of news. The first is about a partnership that may extend the Mastering Technical Sales Brand on a full-time basis into Asia-Pacific; the second about the creation of a Professional Organization for Presales Engineers. Things are happening!


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